About valvegear.io

We are a software development outfit focused on building and supporting solutions for the heritage railway industry
Our solutions are web-based, meaning they can be accessed through any smart-phone, laptop or PC with an internet connection
One of the key values of valvegear.io is for the solution to work for the customer, not the customer working for the solution


Our platform is hosted, so there's no technical worries. Just some initial setup and a fixed monthly fee
All data is secured and backed-up within the managed valvegear.io infrastructure across two continents
The valvegear.io infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to ensure everything runs smoothly


valvegear.io uses industry standard security and encryption out of the box, ensuring your data is always safe, regardless of location


Please fill out our contact form for a quote. As valvegear.io solutions are hosted and managed, a monthly hosting and support fee is put in place